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Plan smart, design sharp

At Cindy Rochlen Studio, I specialize in crafting distinctive brand identities and strategic marketing solutions. From the initial concept to design, creative direction, and final execution, my focus is on developing visually compelling, emotionally engaging work that not only achieves my clients’ objectives but also deeply connects with their audience.

I thrive on creating badass, heartfelt work that’s not just seen but felt. When a project calls for it, I tap into my network of talented friends and creatives to bring the best to the table. I’m committed to creating work that truly resonates—dedicated to my craft, keeping it real, and always with a touch of humor.

Work hard, laugh harder.

I regularly team up with a bunch of brainy freelancers and savvy clients. Plus, I've got this compact crew of incredibly talented folks I can always rely on. We come together like a well-organized flash mob, except we're creating great stuff, not dancing in a mall.
Operations Associate
Dr. Christine Stamper
Marketing & Business Strategist
Katayoun Dadrass
Content Specialist
Kristen Britt
Chief Happiness Officer
Ladydog Rochlen
Development Lead
Sean Rochlen

Our Services

White Paper + Ebook
Got research? Great! We'll transform it into a beautifully designed white paper or ebook that makes your data pop and your insights resonate.
Creating copy that is both engaging for readers and relevant to search engines. A balanced approach is key.
Graphic Design
Design is everything except decoration. Need a web ad? Pay-per-click? Social images? We’ve got you covered with designs that are not just pretty but are optimized for engagement and conversion.
Your brand is your story. From logos to brand guidelines, we ensure everything is cohesive, memorable, and uniquely you.
Get tactical, actionable advice and help overcoming the obstacles standing between you and your marketing & creative goals.
Creative & Art Direction
We can help you curate every visual element, from color palettes to photoshoot direction, to craft a cohesive, compelling narrative that aligns with your brand's story and marketing needs.
Presentation Design
Your ideas deserve to shine. We’ll craft a presentation that not only looks amazing but communicates your message powerfully.
Let’s make your brand unforgettable. We craft strategic advertising campaigns that leave a lasting impression.
Web Design
Ever visited a website that just felt good to use? That’s what we’re all about. We design websites that not only look great but are also user-friendly and work seamlessly on multiple devices.
Proudly Kʼicheʼ Maya

Who is Cindy Rochlen?

I'm not just a creative director, graphic designer, and storyteller—I see myself as a bridge-builder. Growing up in Chicago with strong Guatemalan and Indigenous roots, I've always connected different worlds, and I bring that skill into every brand journey. My unique background lets me blend marketing strategies with deep insights, creating truly impactful brands.

Determined to make things less boring

As a creative director and visual brand designer, my mission is to make branding anything but boring. My time at The Onion News sharpened my sense of humor, teaching me how wit and cleverness can breathe life into a brand. At Abbott, advocating for diverse health policies showed me the importance of infusing heart and inclusion into every project, proving that authenticity drives deep connections. At CareerBuilder, I led a comprehensive brand refresh, pushing for more authentic stories while ensuring brand consistency across both B2B and B2C channels. I managed design projects, enhanced UX, and fostered a creative, collaborative environment, demonstrating that a dynamic and cohesive brand can engage diverse audiences.

After all my experience, I've learned this: great branding isn't just about aesthetics—it's about breaking the mold, forging genuine connections, and telling meaningful stories that resonate with the right audience. It’s about creating an emotional impact and building a community around your brand

No fluff, just high f*cking standards
01. Focus on Real Human Issues

I am committed to using my platform to make a meaningful impact through highlighting untold stories and celebrating the human experience.

02. Empathy-Driven Design

Empathy is at the core of my collaboration process. I prioritize understanding the perspectives, strengths, and challenges of my clients and their audiences.

03. Courageous Exploration

I tackle each project with resilience, adapting and evolving to overcome obstacles and deliver outstanding results. My dedication to pushing boundaries ensures I stay focused, take risks, and succeed—even when the going gets tough.

04. Tell Better Stories

I dive into the full spectrum of the human experience and craft stories that evoke joy, spark laughter, and build connections. I am committed to turning the mundane into something memorable, whether that's through compelling storytelling, striking visual branding, or both. 

Kind words

Zendegi Alchemy
Zendegi Alchemy
CEO + Founder
I've had the pleasure of working with Cindy for nearly two decades, and I can confidently say that she is an exceptionally talented and knowledgeable creative director. Her unwavering passion, innovative thinking, and dedication to every project we've collaborated on have consistently led to outstanding results. Cindy's ability to inspire and guide her clients, coupled with her eye for detail and trendsetting ideas, make her an invaluable asset. Her creative vision has consistently transformed my projects into true works of art. I am looking forward to many more years of collaboration with Cindy!
Greg Miller
Greg Miller
Marketing Director at Randstad
Cindy is the total package. Many designers I've worked with in the past just wanted to stay in the visual side of things, but Cindy is able to think strategically as well. The visuals she creates are amazing, but I found her biggest value to be her ability to understand marketing as a whole. She gets the message you want to portray and always comes up with really clear and effective ways to portray it. When thinking of who would be the best person to help with a creative project, for me, its Cindy every time.
Alex Kujawa Wheeler
Alex Kujawa Wheeler
Independent Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Cindy is a multi-talented graphic designer with tremendous amount of expertise in both print and web. She is a great team player, always willing to put in extra effort to help her team and collaborate with other departments to deliver the most efficient results on client projects. Cindy puts great effort in providing clients with desirable results and takes great pride in exceeding expectations.
Tim Harnett
Tim Harnett
Senior Manager, Content & Research at Simpler Media Group
I've had the pleasure of working with Cindy twice. We worked in different divisions at Human Capital Media, and I was so impressed by the quality of her work that I recommended she be brought in again when Human Capital Media (now needed new graphic design help. Cindy is an amazing designer and art director. She works very well given minimal instructions and can create beautiful design. Her passion for creativity shines through in the quality of her work.