Brand Design, Marketing
The Architectural Revolution
Client The Alley
involvement Visual Brand Development
A Brand Inspired by The Alley

In the vibrant world of The Alley, a new chapter unfolds with the creation of 'The Architectural Revolution,' a sub-brand that delves into the mystical realm, inspired by biomimetic architecture. This initiative was not just an extension but a distinct identity, with its own dedicated store and exclusive clothing line, adding a new layer to The Alley's rich tapestry.

Central to 'The Architectural Revolution' is the lotus flower, chosen for its deep connections to biomimetic architecture and mystical symbolism. This choice reflects a harmonious blend of nature's architectural brilliance with the enigmatic allure of the mystical, embodying the sub-brand's essence.

The creation of the logo for 'The Architectural Revolution' was a journey from a simple line sketch to a distinct, custom-designed font. This creative process was not merely about aesthetic appeal but about forging a unique identity. It resonated with the principles of biomimicry, encapsulating the sub-brand's commitment to blending natural architectural forms with a sense of mystique, perfectly aligning with The Alley's legacy.

A Touch of Color

Working off of The Alley's OG brand there was a lot of black and dark backgrounds. I introduced some moody colors to elevate The Alley's vibe.