Graphics, Marketing
Tincredible Treats
Client Tincredible Treats, CDK Global
Involvement Creative Design & Management, Copywriting
Year 2021
Contributors Creative Direction: Joshua Peterson, Graphic Designer: Alice Nita, Copy Editor: Margaret Caulton
Bringing Cookies to Life

We were invited to creating intuitive, engaging, and visually appealing interfaces that enhance the user experience. In collaboration with CDK's creative team in Chicago, we had the pleasure of crafting digital banners, digital drip campaigns, and transactional/promotional email templates for their recently acquired cookie brand. We infused the website wireframes with playful energy and some charming cookie flair, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for users. Additionally, the team required a user-friendly FAQ section on the Tincredible Treats website, which we successfully designed with a focus on clear navigation and optimal engagement.

Embarking on a project with dynamic brand guidelines and evolving product photography, we embraced the challenge with agility and creativity. The project's heart lay in translating joy into every aspect of the cookie brand, achieved through vibrant colors and playful design, each product exuding its unique personality.


What a fun brand! Even though the brand guidelines were still being worked on along with the product photography working with an agile team meant that we could work in flux! We played with the hand drawn elements and beautiful colors of the brand to convey joy and give the user an extraordinary experience. We also took the opportunity to write engaging and friendly copy. Through playful design we pushed the main brand colors and gave the cookies a personality. We leaned on CDK's Creative Director’s brand guidelines and worked closely with the CD to ensure that the elements we pulled from the in progress guide were flushed out enough to build upon.

In close partnership with CDK's Creative Director, we navigated the fluid brand guidelines, ensuring our designs remained cohesive and on-brand. This collaboration extended to the in-house Creative Designer, whose stellar product photography provided a foundation for our artistic endeavors. Granted the creative liberty to transform these visuals, we engaged in a meticulous process of sketching and digital manipulation. Each photograph was carefully adapted, not merely edited but re-envisioned to align perfectly with each product's narrative. This approach went beyond traditional photo editing, weaving stories into visuals and transforming each cookie into an inviting character, encapsulating the brand's essence of joy and playfulness.

Source: Tincredible Guide Book
Source: Tincredible Guide Book