Brand Design, Brand Strategy
Involvement Brand Visual Identity
Year 2024
Contributors Website Development: James Traver
Unleashing the Beat

Meet James, a software engineer by day and a DJ known as Compil3r by night. He's the type of guy who thinks if the world’s ending, the best place to be is at a dance party. With a unique mix of powerful progressive house beats and dreamy melodies, Compil3r's music is perfect for getting lost in the rhythm. His brand is symbolized by a neon green, pixelated dinosaur—a playful tribute to the dinosaurs who partied hard before their time was up. James’s philosophy is simple: even if everything seems crazy, it’s the perfect time to dance.

I wanted COMPIL3R to have a full brand identity supported by brand guidelines, brand values, and an understanding of the target audience.

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Brand Values
  1. Creativity: At the heart of Compil3r’s music is a relentless pursuit of creativity. He thrives on pushing the boundaries of blending genres and sounds to create immersive experiences.
  2. Integrity: Compil3r believes in staying true to his artistic vision and values, ensuring that his music remains authentic and original.
  3. Collaboration: He actively seeks to work with other artists, producers, and creatives to foster a vibrant, inclusive music scene.
  4. Authenticity: Compil3r embraces his true self both on and off stage, allowing his genuine passion for music to shine through every performance.
Target Audience

COMPIL3R's target audience includes a wide range of listeners, from gen z to hard-partying 30-somethings, as well as older fans who appreciate electronic music. He appeals to a gadget-obsessed, app-downloading consumer base and has a sprawling appeal that transcends age groups, as evidenced by his popularity across different demographics, including those who attend his concerts and engage with his music on Twitch. Additionally, his fans vary widely in age, from younger listeners to those in their 30s, 40s, and beyond, indicating a diverse fan base that includes professionals who listen to his music while working, older individuals who have come to appreciate electronic music and even those who are significantly older but enjoy his tunes.

The pixel dino is a key element of COMPIL3R's brand. This not only makes him instantly recognizable but also adds a playful, mysterious element to his persona, attracting fans who enjoy his enigmatic style.

Logo Identity Conception

COMPIL3R had a previous logo made a while back that wasn't quite aligning with his audience or a part of a larger brand identity. We wanted his brand to become something that could be put on swag. I wanted the logomark and logotype to work as both a combined lock-up and stand on their own while still being recognizable as an entire brand.

Building the logotype

James wanted to see if we could incorporate the turntable shape within the logo. We ended up opting for a less literal attempt. Instead of forcing the shape within the typography I found a font that implied the shape through it's natural typeface anatomy.

Logo Evolution

Since the brand transformation, Compil3r has become highly recognizable through his iconic green pixelated dinosaur logo. His merch is flying off the shelves, proudly worn by his fans. Fans are so inspired by his new brand identity that they’ve started creating original fan art. The result? A cohesive and powerful brand that resonates deeply with his audience and amplifies his presence in the music scene.