Einstein's Dreams
Client Chopin Theatre
Involvement Graphic Design
A Play based off of Alan Lightman's Novel

The Chopin Theatre in Chicago hosted the opening night of 'Einstein's Dreams,' the play adapted from Alan Lightman's novel, with the author himself in attendance.

The play, based on his book, dives into the vivid dreams of a young patent clerk in 1905 Zürich, as he grapples with the nature of time over three intense months.

Alan Lightman teaches physics and creative writing at MIT. 

Visualizing "Einstein's Dreams"

For the play "Einstein's Dreams," based on Alan Lightman's mesmerizing book, a series of typographic posters was designed to capture the essence of the narrative’s exploration of time and dreams. Each poster features carefully selected excerpts from the book, arranged in a dynamic, grunge-inspired layout. The typography bursts forth in a layered, almost firework-like display, creating a visual representation of the intricate and overlapping nature of Einstein’s fantastical musings. Additionally, one poster employs the same grunge overlap style to form a thick brush stroke made out of type, adding a bold and tactile element to the series. These design choices emphasize the chaotic beauty of the text and invite viewers to dive into the depth and complexity of the play's themes. The result is a visually striking and thought-provoking series that pays homage to the imaginative spirit of Lightman’s work, reflecting a blend of creativity and innovation