Brand Marketing, Strategy
Client BetterWork Media Group
Involvement Lead Visual Designer & Creative Director (art & copy)
Year 2018-2021
Contributors Web Development: Joshua Ginter
Building a Vibrant Visual Identity While Maintaining Minimalism

When building a visual brand identity for BetterWork Media Group (BMG), our goal was to create a vibrant visual identity that could grow with the new brands they were developing. We needed a brand full of colors to reflect both the diversity of their future brands and their audience, championing workplace diversity in a fresh and bright way.

Our design strategy combined simplicity with dynamic colors, aligning with BMG's mission to foster enriching workplace experiences. The result was a refreshed digital presence for BMG that celebrated diverse, joyful workplaces. This transformation led to sold-out events, more qualified leads, and increased social engagement. Our successful rebranding initiative showcased the power of collaborative creative leadership and truly connected with BMG’s audience.

Sourcing Lifestyle Elements that Vibe with the Idea of Finding Joy at Work & Because of Work

We curated images that captured the essence of a balanced work-life and personal life. Our goal was to showcase genuine moments of happiness both at work and because of work, perfectly aligning with BMG's positive and vibrant vibe.